Established in the 1970's, Gulati Bespoke Tailors have dressed clients ranging from corporate CEOs to foreign and local dignitaries and premiers. Our expertise in Tailoring is inhabited from the Gulati ancestry, which has been involved in the Tailoring industries for more than 40 years. Today, Gulati still stands in the same location since its establishment but has been renovated and refurbished with the intake of modern technology to enhance our authority in the world of custom bespoke tailoring. We currently offer more than 5000 different fabrics from wools, linens, silks and cottons for you to choose from to make sure your closet looks the way you want. You can be assured you will receive a personalized fit and finish with our expertise in this field of work. Gulati has a reputed name world over for its traditional hand crafted tailoring which today  is a rare and dying craft.

The blend of expertise in knowledge of fine fabrics and the art of hand tailoring is what gives the garments we produce at Gulati a high quality cut and finishing. We are able to customize garments to your style, shape and size with our craftsmen working on hand to make sure the quality and finishing of the garment is aligned with our standards. We pride ourselves in our professional manner of having two suit fittings to ensure that the garment is built and structured to your body, and to ensure the style and cut is to your desire. With access to the finest tailors, fabric producers and industry professionals, we are able to provide you with elegant, trendy and well-tailored garments. The cornerstone of our business and the root of our ambition is your satisfaction thus no expense is spared to make sure we provide you with the highest quality cut, finishing and service. With majority of our clientele consisting of recommended or word of mouth clients, you can be sure that your experience at Gulati will be a memorable part of your trip to the Land of Smiles.

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