Is it possible for you to duplicate the fit and cut of my favorite shirt/suit/pant that is presently in my wardrobe?

Absolutely. All you have to do is make sure you have finalized all the details with us. Select the fabric you wish to have it made from and we ill have it duplicated. We'll also be glad to incorporate any changes you might want that is not in your sample and then have them customized to your satisfaction.
Can I schedule an on-site visit with your master tailor in my home or office?

Yes, certainly. If you have ten or more people interested in custom tailored suits and garments, we will be happy to make some arrangements for you. Please contact us for further details.

Will my shirttails be long enough?

Absolutely! Here at Gulati Bespoke we never skimp. Your shirttails will be based upon your height and weight, then designed and tailored to your complete satisfaction.

When I place an order, can I choose different styles? Is it possible to request different collars, cuffs, pockets or other unique features on my shirts?

Yes, absolutely. We can do all styles of collars and cuffs as well as styles that are unique. If you would like to have something done that you do not see on our catalogue, Kindly send us an email with style that you are after or bring in a picture when you come in to see us for the order and we will be sure to have it made for you. Please note that charges may apply for certain customized features.

Does Gulati Bespoke customize to any style, cut or design I require?

If you would like us to custom make garments to styles that are not displayed or available on our website or catalogues, we can do this if an image file or a link to an online image is emailed to us along with the details of the order. We will then have a representative respond to you regarding whether we will be able to produce the garment you have requested. Please contact us for more information regarding fully customized garments. Should you like to send us an image file, Kindly do so using JPEG formats and please keep the file as small as possible. Our email address is gulati@loxinfo.co.th

Can I order white collars and/or cuffs?

Yes, most certainly. You can also line your collars and cuffs with a different patterned fabric on the inside to complete the bespoke look.

Do I need to worry about shirt shrinkage?

Not at all, all our fabrics are treated and pre-shrunk. Although there is always a residual shrinkage of 2 - 3%, we allow for this shrinkage when we custom make your shirts.

Can I use different fabrics?

Most Definitely! You may choose any fabric we have to offer. We stock well over 5000 imported fabrics for all kinds of garments all of which come with high thread count and quality finish for a rich texture and feel. If you don't find the exact fabric you're looking for, simply send us an email with the description of what you are looking for or send us a photograph from a catalog or magazine. We'll try to find the perfect or closest match for you and send you a swatch so you get exactly what you want and are fully satisfied.

Can Gulati Bespoke tailor garments with my own cloth?

Yes. We are professional cutters and producers and with our team of selected bespoke tailors, we will be happy to work with your fabrics, as we are happy to work with ours.

What is the Turnaround Time at Gulati Bespoke?

For Suits:
If you visit us at the store personally, our normal procedures is to do two suit fittings which takes a minimum 3 days to perfect, but we can also accommodate your schedules. Get in contact with us for more details. If you are ordering online, it may take up to 7-10 days once the payment has been processed for the suit to be shipped and delivered to you.

For Shirts: If you visit us at the store personally, we normally have one fitting for a shirt when occasionally minor adjustments will be taken care of to ensure your full satisfaction. A turnaround time for a shirt is usually 1 day. If ordering online, it may take up to 7 days once the payment has been processed for the shirt to be shipped and delivered to you.

What are the shipping and handling charges?

Price of all products listed on our site are exclusive of all shipping and handling charges. Shipping charges are applied according to weight and are to be settled by the client or receiver of the package. If you would like to know prices of garments inclusive of shipping to your area, please contact us and we have a representative respond to you with all the details of your order.

What about big and tall sizes?

Gulati Bespoke Tailor DOES NOT charge extra for big and tall sizes. Whatever your size is, the price is exactly the same. We are bespoke tailors so we are here to tailor clothes to your size and specifications no matter your built.

What are my payment options?

Please click here to find out all the payment options we have for your convenience.

What happens to my credit card information? Is my credit card information safe with Gulati Bespoke?

We at Gulati Bespoke fully value the privacy and information used of all our clients. Your credit card information is destroyed after a one-time use and is not stored anywhere in our database to ensure that there is no future access to it. All our client’s credit card information is destroyed after the payment for each order has been processed.

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